Friday, December 01, 2006

Gold Crest 2

Ok, you have to click the link, then scroll down to where it says 'download link'. there is a red arrow next to it. You just have to look closely because it dows rather blend in with the 200 ads on the page.

Picture 4.png


worldinmyeyes21 said...

Thank you soooo much...both of these mixes are amazing...(of there was ever a doubt)
You rock!!! : ) ) ) ) ) ) )

alan said...

"Say, Say, Say", "Work Song", "Some Velvet Morning" and "Your Summer Dreams". Four of my favourite songs. You rule.


Alan said...

"Your Summer Dream", wihtout a "s" of course.

dooglus said...

Some great choices there.

But what's up with the cover?

OK, so the woman in the shop couldn't print it, but we can - so why not include the original mind-blowing .pdf file for us to print?

dooglus said...

I did the following:

* converted all the files to mp3 format,

* renamed them so the filenames include the track and artist name,

* added a playlist so it's easy to play them in the 'correct' order, and

* fixed up the ID3 tags:

Gold Crest 1

Gold Crest 2 (75MB)

Both downloads got quite a bit smaller, especially #2, which had a few massive .wav files in it.

Andrew Simone said...

Awesome. Both of these mixes look great.

I like the layout of the blog--with so many internets in one same it is almost too much to handle. :)

DentonUSA said...

Damn! Another great mix! Fantastic stuff.
And once again I must say: This website is wonderful. Definately one of your better ideas. :)

httprover said...
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Paul said...
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httprover said...

I just got through with downloading both files a little while ago and the download seemed rather slow since I am used to highspeed cable. The first one took about half an hour and the second about an hour.

Could you tell us something about the history of the CDs? I gather that they are part of a school project. Any significance to the title other than to the goldcrest?

Perhaps you could post the cover images online.

I removed a prior post because link didn't work. It took me a while to figure out what I did wrong.

Johnny Creepy said...

Dear Paper,
I don't understand What "Gold Crest" is....Is this just songs you like,
Are these CDs you are selling, Are these songs that are not copyrighted and we can use on youtube...Maybe I am missing a part where you explain this. Guide me... I am lost...