Friday, December 01, 2006

Amazing cakes!!

As i was searching for pictures for the 'favourite bears' thing, i discovered this amazing site:
OMG!! this makes me want to revert to childhood. LOOK AT THESE CAKES!!





In the larger pictures there is SO much detail on them- all the edging icing is so perfect! They're like circus rides! For your tastebuds! Tayler is so lucky. What's going to happen when she eats the cake? I wonder whats going on with the bottom half of barbie- are her legs covered in cake or is it just the top half of the doll? either way, wouldn't that be a little bit trauma inducing?

But the fun doesn't stop with amazing kids cakes, it goes on to every kind of cake you can imagine! LOOK! you can have entire photo albums made into a cake so you can eat your relatives!

This is in the 'over the hill' category: it says this alongside the picture: 'This is one of our most popular over the hill cakes. We usually make a sign that says "Happy Birthday you old Poop!"'
I have to say, I am sceptical about this claim.
Surely this has to be a joke.

Just what your mouth has been looking for!!

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