Thursday, November 30, 2006

yay! i like to write!

Myah myah myah

I uh, started a website, in that I registered an account on blogspot.
So, woo. The layout is totally irritating though and I can't just find a
myspaceily easy way to change it. Bah.
But I will start working on it soon. It's I
think. There is literally nothing there at the moment, but soon my
pretties, soon!!

I want to buy all the random cute shit I have been looking at on ebay. I
don't know whats the matter with me- perhaps I am regressing into a
childhood where I am ridiculously girly instead of intermittently
tomboyish and disinterested like I actually was. But OH! I love cute
shit!! All the japanese things with eyes lower down than their mouths-
so cute!! And pastel coloured things and etc!! CUTE! And strange animals
with poorly and therefore adorably translated names and taglines!!

I have been looking at overpriced japanese letter sets, because they are
pretty. But I know that if I got them I would not want to write on any
of it because then it would be gone!!

I used to love the carebears.

Who is your favourite fictional bear? I shall list my favourites now:
(in order of preference)
-Superted (who made me so sad when I was little because he was THROWN
AWAY! But spotty saved him with magic dust. Now I think of it, perhaps
this is some kind of allegory for homelessness and drug abuse? Perhaps
not. Though they did get chased around by a cowboy and a skeleton.)
-Gloomy Bear (japanese thing)
-Rupert The Bear (ok he WAS kind of weird, because he had human hands
and body, with a bear head, and all his friends were random animals like
Badgers and Goats, but my dad used to read me the annuals and I wanted
to be Tiger Lily. Omg I hadn't ever thought of that before. Perhaps this
is where my japan obsession came from!)
-The CareBears (whenever I got scared of anything, I would try to think
of a happy place, and my happy place was on the clouds with all the care
bears, and it still is!! Haha im such a goon)
-That American/Australian thing about a real bear called Ben (did I make
this up in my head? I remember a swamp-boat thing with the fan on the
back. Maybe the bear was called Tim. Maybe I'm insane.)

I didn't/don't like:
Winnie the Pooh (except for the really old original ENGLISH ones (books)
that are sweet and not the bastardised retard voiced Disney ones)
Yogi Bear (ARGH!!! It was his voice! The voice of a thousand
irritations!! My mum used to look after these 2 kids after school, who
went to school with my brother, and they always watched Wizadora, Yogi
Bear and Scooby Doo. Every day. I hated them.)
Teddy Ruckspin
The Hair Bear Bunch
(I don't really remember the last 3 much, but I wanted to soften the
blow of my hatred for winnie the poo and my judgement of anyone who has
a winnie the poo tattoo. Oh god that rhymed.)

So there you go.
Next time: fictional cat characters.

I saw a Beyonce video on MTV2 last night and she looked like Whitney
Houston in part of the video, which made me try to work out the other
people shewas supposed to be looking like in the video but I couldn't,
so maybe it was just fluke.
The song was kinda lame but made me want to download it at the same
time, which probably means it will be No. 1 for weeks soon.


dooglus said...

Have you got hard newlines
that posting? It looks strange
my screen, as if the lines switch
long lines to short lines and back
over and over again. A bit like in

I made a screenshot of how
looks on my screen.

simplyredundant said...

This is my favorite post.