Friday, April 15, 2011

Housemate changes

My housemate is moving out later this year. She is going to start a course at a college and will be away for a whole year, and who knows after that. Her parents actually gave her the house we live in (lucky!) so not only my friend but also my landlord will be gone. I don't know what will happen with it all- I'll have a new housemate and she'll still be my landlord, though I might become the default landlord for the new tenant since I'm actually living here.

The cats will probably go to her parent's house, which I'm kind of really glad about. The house will be infinitely cleaner without them puking and moulting on everything, and otherwise their departure will make no difference to my living here- they don't even let me touch them let alone stroke them!!

I've lived here with her for over two years now, and she's a great housemate. I worry sometimes that as she so rarely annoys me, I must be enraging to her, but I hope that's just paranoia. Now there will be a new person!! And I have no idea who they'll be. I guess there aren't many people who know now where they want to move in six months time, but I wish we could work it out sooner rather than later so I knew what was going to happen. I'm so worried they will get annoyed with my late hours, or be messy, or be annoyed with my mess. What if they are noisy when I'm trying to sleep? Or they eat all my food? Or never pay the rent? What if they hate me?! I feel like it's taken me all this time to finally settle in and feel like this place is my real home, and now it's all going to change!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Royal Wedding, where's my invite??

So the Royal Wedding is in a few weeks, and I am hit with a dilemma. Do I go and watch the 'procession' (a car driving slowly, surrounded by all the police in England), or do I watch the whole thing on TV? If I go with the TV option I have a further choice- My own TV, the one at my parents' house, a street party in Essex or a house party in Birmingham. Any party seems kind of pointless seeing as the wedding is at like 11 am, and I don't get out of bed til after 12 basically ever (if I can help it), and who wants to drink before 11 am?! And there would be drinking with this thing, surely? I'm gonna need something to drown my despair that my tax pennies are being spent on some rich people's wedding.

The procession... well I've been to a few 'street carnivals' in London (once, as part of my youth club*, I attended a record breaking attempt to stage the biggest procession ever!! Which failed). And they suck ass. There's a ton of people everywhere, you can't easily move, it's uncomfortable to just stand there, there's hardly anything to look at, and anything there IS to look at is obscured by someone taller than me with someone shorter than me on their shoulders.

However, it's a 'once in a lifetime' kind of thing, right?? I guess it comes down to what I want the legacy of this ultimately pointless event to be in my life. A fun tea party in some place with a TV or the fact that I was actually 'there'? There's so many draw backs to going to the procession, not least of which is there's nowhere then to actually watch the wedding itself, and the issue of getting there and back (the tube will be totally rammed, there will probably be some bomb scares, riots or protests that will further disrupt everything)... I mean jeez.

I bet I just end up sleeping in and missing the whole thing.

*yes I was in a youth club, what of it?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Squid me

Hello internets who still read this blog!!
I came on here to find something and I realised how much more blog-like this is compared to Tumblr. I do like how easy it is to blog on tumblr, and I like how instant and simple it is to interact with other people, but it's also nice to have a more one-sided internet outlet too.

I moved around the living room so I am not staring at a grey wall any more, and am facing the room. From behind my desk I look like a receptionist or something! "welcome to my house, who are you here to see? Please take a seat."

Anyway someone tweeted at me asking if I minded if he painted a version of a drawing I did on his baby daughters' wall! And if I had other squid related art, so I searched around for my favourite quid painting which doesn't seem to be online anywhere. I have way too much squid art... I think they're so beautiful! I also love jellyfish but find them hard to draw.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is it still August?

You know how on Twitter, there's this thing now that shows you people you should follow? Well today I looked at Shaycarl's one, as I've heard his name a thousand times and had literally no idea who he was. He had this video on his page that was sponsored by footlocker and was really awesome. Well filmed, well put together... I liked it.

I don't think it's how other people react to things, but whenever I see someone doing well and succeeding in a field I have any experience in (whatever it is, art, design, youtube), it completely demoralises me. I think other people feel inspired by seeing others do well in their fields of interest, but not me. It makes me want to give up and not ever try again. It's pathetic, but rather than feel happy for those people, I feel jealous and angry with myself for not being as good as them.

That's why I never try hard in anything, never really bother to push myself, because there's always someone else out there who is way better than me at whatever it is I could ever try to do. And if you can't be great, why try at all? It's so stupid, I know. I know! But I can't help myself- this is why I never watch youtube videos anymore, because they just depress me. It all depresses me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

BEDA Whatever

Oh yeahhh, I forgot about writing on my blog every day.
The truth is, I've barely been online at all the last little while. I was hanging out with my brother at my parent's house for a few days, then went to london for some birthday drinks the other day, and I've been feeling pretty crappy recently so I just want to lay on the couch and not think about anything other than how ill I feel. FUN TIMES.

I've been watching Clone High- it's a great show, I can't believe they only made one season of it! It's genius.

I can't wait to see Scott Pilgrim, but for some angry-making reason, the distributor decided to not release it in the UK at the same time as they did in America, so I have to wait til the 25th to see it. Which is exactly when I'm in Cyprus, when I won't be able to see it. And once I've come back, I don't think it'll be in the cinemas any longer, and even if it is, I'll have noone to see it with. THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE, MOVIE.

Wah, I promise the next blog post will be less whiney.